John Price
Do you ever envision Jon Anderson rejoining the group for a final YES tour, possibly new album?
It’s very possible that we’ll work with Jon in the future. We have had discussions about it, but the next thing we’re looking at doing is a new studio album with Jon Davison singing, and then we’ll go out on the road and promote that. So that’s what’s up next for YES – is recording. But yeah – there is a good possibility we may work with Jon Anderson again.

Douglas Maher
Have you ever met or had a chance to play with Geddy Lee? The man cites you as his biggest influence and was curious if that ever happened?
I have met Geddy Lee a long time ago at Wembley Arena when Rush played there. In fact, I was a possible canditate to produce a Rush album, but when I showed up there, Trevor Horn was sitting next to me.

[laughs] I said to Trevor “What are you doing here?” and he said “Oh, I’ve been asked to come and meet the band because I might be producing them”, and I said “so have I!”. That was quite a long time ago – the early 80’s, I think. He cites me as a big influence? Well, that’s very nice of him. They do good work, that band.

Eric Wise
Hey Fish, how did you come to write, Onward? I’ve always thought that to be such a beautiful song, with a sweet melody. Also (my 9 year old son, Joe and) I really enjoy The Man You Always Wanted Me To Be. I have always liked the sound of your lead singing voice. Looking forward to seeing you again, soon! Thanks: EW
Thankyou for the compliment. I’m glad you like those songs. They both came about when I sat down and paid attention to writing songs and the work that that requires. It’s always a bit of a hard job writing, but when I apply myself to it, I can do it.

Jonathan Tallgård
Hey Chris! I´ve been trying to figure out the Chords on ‘The Man You Always Wanted Me To Be‘ from Fly From Here but with no success. So I must ask you, what are the chords? Also what is the story behind that song?
I don’t really know, actually – I just wrote it on the keyboard – I just tend to feel my way around the keyboard until it sounds good to me, and then somebody else usually interprets what the chords actually are. I’m glad you like the song. I think it’s a bit of a generic song. I think any woman in any man’s life has always wanted their man to be someone they want them to be as opposed to someone they are [laughs]. I won’t name any names or anything! [laughs]

Gokes McTokes
Considering your incredible almost lead style of playing bass, did you ever feel limited by what the role of a bass player was thought to be in the 60’s or did you just ignore it?
I was a big Who fan when I was a teenager. I used to go and listen to John Entwhistle and watch Pete Townshend, and I think I tried to embody a bit of both of their styles into what I became as a bass player. A lot of guitarists have influenced me, Jimi Hendrix especially, so I just pursued my own route with that bass playing. I guess I probably did adore what the functional role of playing bass was for most people and chose my own way of doing things.

Paul Gorrell
How did your CS-74 Green Mouradian come about?
Well, Jim Mouradian and myself designed the bass. I didn’t know it was called CS-74. but the way the wood is shaped is in the initials C and S. It looks like a fairly 80’s metal design in a way, and of course the green colour was something I wanted too. I was very happy with that bass and I still enjoy playing it a lot.

Adam Foster
Your absolute favourite ACOUSTIC guitar is (and why)…?
I have a Martin D-45 that I bought in Manny’s in NYC in the 70s and I’ve written quite a few things on that guitar. I’ve always liked the sound of that Martin.

John J. Slog
Hi Chris … I assume you are still using Rotosound strings… are you using the nickel Swing bass roundwounds, or the Stainless sets? Thanks! Really enjoyed interviewing you, years ago, for Vintage Guitar Magazine…
Hi John, I hope things are going well over there at Vintage Guitar Magazine. I use Stainless strings.

Dana Dillon Walling
While your need for creative expression as a gifted musician combines with your basic need to make a living like everyone else in the are very fortunate to make your way in the world by doing what you love. You have many so many passionate, long time fans and continue to convert new, and younger fans. (I can honestly say that my children cut their teeth on Yesmusic–now fans in their own right.) Obviously, fans contribute to Yes’ livelihood through sales of music, tickets and merch. What other ways do us fans figure in your lives, minus the financial? Is there a song dedicated to the fan base? Is it true that Alan wrote to the fans in In The Presence Of?
Alan and I wrote the music to In The Presence Of in Santa Barbera when we were recording the Magnification album, and then Jon came along and added the lyrics. Thankyou for the compliments and thankyou for being such a long term fan. How the fans figure in our lives is when we do our live shows and we get to see and meet the people who come to the shows, and that obviously gives us a lot of enjoyment and it’s always a great time to spend an evening with you guys – so that’s the spiritual side of it, and thankyou of course for your financial contributions which keep YES going.

Joe McMorrow
Hello Chris. Last August, I had the pleasure of meeting you pre-show in San Jose. A few minutes before you came out on your way back to the hotel I met Scottie and Xilan . All of you were very gracious, and you even allowed for me having my picture taken with you. During this Q&A feature, a few times I’ve asked different band members the same thing, but my query has never been chosen. I thought I would give it another try. Is there any chance “That, that is” will ever be performed live? It is one of my favorite all time songs by YES. The last 5 minutes are the most intense 5 minutes of rock n’ roll ever. See you in 2 days at the MT. Winery. I’ll be the 59 year old guy with a YES T shirt on! I should be easy to pick out. Wink
Thanks for saying we were nice to you when we met. My family members are always nice to people. I guess we’ve probably never actually played that live, although I’m sure we must have done after Keys To Ascension was released. It’s quite an interesting piece of music. Maybe we should consider it in the future.


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