Eric Wise
Jon, you are such a treasure and I am so glad that the Yes boys found you! The first time I heard you sing I knew you had it! Chris said an interview on a South American TV show that a new album is forthcoming and that you could have one out by next spring or so. Have you guys written any new material already and what has your experience been with the song writing process in Yes? Looking so forward to seeing you next summer!! God bless Yes!!
Thank you, Eric. Yes, the band has been writing, mostly on an individual basis. I did collaborate with Chris, which was definitely a productive and rewarding experience. Alan has recently sent me some interesting ideas which I’ve started working on and am enjoying. Steve has also shared some solid demos with me over the time we’ve been out on the road together. I know Geoff is working as well and will be sharing his material soon.

Major Tom
What are a couple of your favorite albums (outside of yes) and if you could be any animal what would you be?
I have so many favorite albums, but off the top of my head I really love Pink Flyd’s Meddle, any of the earlier Genesis albums with Gabriel and Hackett, The Beatles’ Let It Be, and of course, The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. I would choose to be a bird.

Rigo Coreås
Have you ever sang in a choir?
Yes, I sang in a church choir growing up. My mother was the director and an inspiration for me to sing.

Jim Tussing
Can you talk a little about the work ethic of a professional musician and where it may have helped you?
It takes a lot of work maintaining oneself out on the road. For me this requires a balanced regimen of proper diet and rest, when I can find them, and as a vocalist, always warming up before a performance. Personally, studying a proper vocal technique has been vital, as it has granted me endurance and the ability to avoid straining.

Matt Conn
Hi Jon. I would guess you were a Yes fan prior to joining the band, just by the way you’re able to sing the songs with such beauty and nuance. Is that the case? I really hope I get to see you on this tour. Cheers!
That is certainly the case. I’m really glad it shows. Hope you enjoy the performance!

Mike Holt
Are you a Christian ?
No. My family and I don’t follow any specific religion, but are definitely spiritual in how we operate our lives in the world.

David Ryan
Of all the venues where you have performed, which ones are notable for the greatest sound, in your experience? By the way, I attended your recent performance at the Los Angeles Orpheum Theatre. It sounded wonderful from my location. Thank you.
Since I’ve been touring with Yes we’ve played many venues. Some have sounded great, some not as great. As a performer on stage my experience is different than an audience member’s, so I can’t really say. You’re welcome!

Janet Berry
Will you will be touring in UK?
Definitely next year, in the spring. I’m looking forward to it.

Héctor Marcano
Hello Jon ! What is the venue of your dreams for a Yes concert ? Cheers!
I’ve never thought of it. Next year on our European tour we will be performing at the Royal Albert Hall. I imagine that will be quite thrilling.

Jules Hernandez
Saw you guys in Sydney Australia last year and man, what a voice. Both you and Jon are awesome frontmen for an amazing band. When will we see you in Oz again?
Thank you, Jules. I haven’t heard anything come up about Yes returning to Oz. Hopefully sometime soon, though.

Rogerio Ribas
Hi Jon: Actually I don’t have any question but a comment. I went to the show in São Paulo feeling a certain fear of not liking the new Member of Yes, because my ears are accustomed to listening to the Yes music since 1972. What I saw that amazing night was absolutely spectacular. You have your own identity, is very competent and professional as lead vocals and when playing your instruments on stage, apart from having a very big power to captivate the audience. And you surely have been experienced along the time with the Yes that the fans have approved you. Congratulations Jon Davison and the Brazilian audience hope that Yes come back often. Hugs.
Muito obrigado, meu amigo do Yes! Abracos!


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