YES and Eagle Rock Entertainment are proud to announce, on 22 September 2014, the simultaneous release on single Blu-ray, 2DVDs and 3CDs: “Songs From Tsongas – The 35th Anniversary Concert – Special Edition”.

This Special Edition of “Songs From Tsongas” contains a concert from YES’ 35th Anniversary Tour in 2004, the last tour by the band to feature the classic line-up of Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman and Alan White.

The DVD & BluRays also contain a second live show. ‘Live In Lugano’.


2 x DVDs
3 x CDs



Available on iTunes

2 x DVDs

3 x CDs


Available on iTunes

Disc One of the DVD

[the single Blu-ray contains all the same material as the double DVD set] contains the whole of the concert from the Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts, previously spread across two discs. This epic show features tracks from across the band’s career including an extensive acoustic section (tracks 11 – 18) and some tracks that have rarely been performed live.

Disc Two contains 70 minutes of highlights from a very different concert on the same tour filmed at Estival in Lugano, Switzerland. This outdoor concert sees a stripped down stage and full on rock versions of the acoustic tracks from Tsongas whilst the crowd wield a multitude of umbrellas against the pouring rain, which is clearly not preventing them having a great time!

As Bonus Features [on the visual formats] we include another track “Ritual”, also filmed at the Tsongas Arena, and an insightful interview with legendary designer and Yes collaborator Roger Dean who created the brand new stage set for the shows.


(on Disc One DVD / Part One Blu-ray)
1) Intro/Firebird Suite
2) Going For The One
3) Sweet Dreams
4) Your Move / All Good People
5) Mind Drive Parts 1 & 2
6) South Side Of The Sky
7) Turn Of The Century
8) My Eyes
9) Mind Drive Part 3
10) Yours Is No Disgrace
11) The Meeting (Piano Solo)
12) Long Distance Runaround
13) Wonderous Stories
14) Time Is Time
15) Roundabout
16) Show Me
17) Owner Of A Lonely Heart
18) Second Initial (Guitar Solo)
19) Rhythm Of Love
20) And You And I
21) Every Little Thing
22) Starship Trooper

(on Disc Two DVD / Part Two Blu-ray)
1) Intro/Firebird Suite
2) Going For The One
3) Sweet Dreams
4) Your Move / All Good People
5) Long Distance Runaround
6) The Fish
7) Owner Of A Lonely Heart
8) And You And I
9) Starship Trooper
10) Roundabout

This Special Edition of the very successful ‘Songs From Tsongas’ DVD is packed with an additional 70 minutes of highlights from Lugano being released for the first time.

This release offers a fantastic setlist of favourites and rarities including ‘Going For The One’, ‘Roundabout’, ‘Owner Of A Lonely Heart’, ‘And You And I’, ‘Starship Trooper’, ‘Wonderous Stories’, ‘I’ve Seen All Good People’, ‘Yours Is No Disgrace’, ‘Ritual’, ‘Turn Of The Century’ and many more, captured here in all their glory.


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